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As a Certified Personal Trainer, I see my role as motivating and enabling my clients, and making their individual training plans a fun and rewarding experience.

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Fit for Life - It starts here
You only get one body, so best to look after it so that it’ll take you where you need to go. It’d be a shame to have to stop the race before you get to the finish line. Getting fit and staying fit will help you go the distance.
Fit for purpose – Time to shape up
Have a milestone birthday coming up? Want to climb a mountain or run a marathon or simply fit into a favourite outfit? No matter what age you are or what level of fitness you’re at, take the time to work on a healthier you.
Fit for a challenge – Going above and beyond
No stranger to unused gym memberships? Signed up for classes only to quit after the first two or three? Too busy to make time for fitness? Who cares how long it takes or how many times you try. Your only competition is yourself. And when you finally succeed, that struggle will be worth it.
Fit for the future – Putting family first
If you’re not fit and healthy, you might find yourself unable to keep up with your kids. Being there for your family takes energy and commitment. If your fit and healthy yourself, you’ll be better able to look after those who matter to you.
Fit for repair – Fix-up, feel good
Listen to your body. Pay attention to what it’s telling you. If it needs fixing, you’ll know. Keeping physically fit will also help you with mental fitness. Working out is a great way to deal with stress.


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